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Related post: Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2004 21:33:31 -0700 (PDT) From: Lord-Ragnarok Subject: Resurrection Of The Fallen: Chapter OneHey everyone! This is my first story ever, so please read free pedo child sex and give feedback. Of course flames will be ignored! Lol! Well, I'll leave you guys to it! This story is copyrighted by the author. Any reproduction through any form without the consent of the author is illegal. This works is entirely fiction and is created by the authors mind. Any relation to any living or dead persons is purely coincidental.Resurrection Of The Fallen: Chapter OneBy: NameChameleonxxlordragnarokxxyahoo.comStranded. Its been four years since I've been stranded on this island. It seems only yesterday that my little plane crash landed on this god forsaken island. I was on my way back to California from Hawaii when a sudden thunder storm hit. My plane was struck about three times before everything failed. Next thing I know, I'm laying on my back on this island. Let me describe the island and how I've been able to live for so long alone. The island is about 10 miles from the west to the east coast, so its not that big. But the thing that is really interesting about this island is that in the middle, there are ruins of a small temple. This temple is where I live now. The area surrounding the temple seems to be well kept with animals, fruits videos pedo boys and vegetables. It seems that there is mysterious force keeping a tranquil peace on the surrounding area. So, for four years I've been alpha cp pedo living off fruits, vegetables and the occasional fish. Some people would have gone mad living alone like this but I found it to my liking. The seclusion allowed me peace of thought and I was able to finally found peace within my life. Sure, I missed my home, but I was more of a loner back home. Anyway, that's the story on how I've got here and how I've survived. Now, lets get back to present day.~~~~~Today, I woke up feeling really weird, like something big was going to happen. I dismissed the feeling as just a feeling of a pedo child illegal oncoming storm. So, I just went out top chill pedo to pick my breakfast. My breakfast consisted of banned pics pedo porn a mango and a coconut. Heh, I find that I've grown to love these two fruits. After that, I felt like going fishing for lunch and dinner, so I started my 5 hour trek to the coast. Although I really didn't have a fishing pole, I used pedo sex pic a spear that I had boys porno pedo cp created over the years. I created this spear originally to defend me from wild, vicious animals, but it seems that all the animals of this island take to me asian tgp pedo quite fondly. The animals were my company on this island. They became my friends, and I even named a few of them. Heh, I must be losing it. Anyway, on the way to the beach, I had sister pedo pedo little girls naked a felling pedoland tits that I was being followed. I knew that sometimes I have animals following me but this feeling was a ominous feeling. Something dark, or evil was pedo sex following me. Naturally, I quickened my pace. Instead of pics xxx pedo the usual 5 young kids pedo hour trip to the beach, I reached it in what I guess is about 2 hours. I looked out into the sea. It was pretty calm today, so I hoped to get some mackerel. Yum. The water was pretty cold and that was odd. The ocean was always warm whenever I've went out, so this struck pedo teens book me pretty weird. I stabbed at the school of fish that passed me, and to my surprise, I struck two really good sized ones. Satisfied, I pedochild turned back to face the island. What I saw nearly gave me a heart attack.It was a robed figure, cloaked in all black, clutching a staff. After the shock off seeing someone human pedophile incest porno stories (or so I hoped) after all these years, I smiled and started towards the cloaked stranger. Halfway there I stopped. I recognized this scene before and this man I sweden pedo sites knew instantly. In the ruined temple, I had found a book. This book was bound in leather, and inside was pages upon pages of pictures and writing I did not understand. The reason that had stopped because on the last page of gallery pedo amateur the book pedo cp portal was a picture. On the left side of pedosex sites the picture depicted a pedo picz teenz naked man clutching a staff real pedo site on his knees dying. On the right side was figure in all black pointing a staff of pure black. pedochild 69 The dying man was outlined rape pedo sex in an aura of light, while the other in a aura free porn anime pedo of darkness. I was brought back to reality when a blow hit me. At first it had only stunned me, but after a few seconds, I realized legal pedo porn pic that I had about three cuts oh my arm. Shit. The pain hit me like a train. In a matter of seconds, I was sent reeling to my knees. I clutched the spear so that I would not fall completely to the pedo virgins russian sandy floor. I slowly stood young girl photo pedo back up, ready to fight back, though I knew it was useless, but I never was a quitter. Then it laughed and then spoke in a terrible voice that shattered my sanity."Fool, do you think that you can survive? You face the darkest being in this universe. Prepare to DIE!"What happened next was etched forever into my memory. The thing raised it staff and started shouting odd sounds. The next thing I pedo incest pix stories know flames had erupted around me. I was trapped. Smoke, though I know not where it came from, filled my lungs. The last thing I remember was the things laugh. It was a mocking screeching laugh that haunts me to this day.~~~~~"Is he dead?""No, he will survive. Although I do not know how he did. He faced Him. No one has survived his wrath before.""I do not know either. Do you think he is the one the prophesy has spoken about?""No, illega pedo porn it cannot be. I sense no powers within this one. The prophesy claims of a being of supreme power.""Do you know why He went after this one? Maybe he is the one? Is there a way to make sure? We both know that the pedo world girls pics Days are pedoworld baby fuck coming fast, and we dirty pedo pics are in need of the one who carries within him the light..."Hmmm, well, we shall test him after he has recovered. ilegal pedo pussy You shall send him to me when free pedo child videos he has awaken.""Yes, your Excellency" ~~~~~Bright, it was too bright. Through my eyelids, I could sense the bright light. I slowly opened my eyes, and I was right. Wherever I was, it was too bright for my liking. Suddenly, the light dimmed, and I was no longer blinded. A voice filled the room, alarming me."So... You have recovered. I apologize for the light. I forget that you always hated bright lights." The voice was a deep male voice, but it was soothing voice. I felt myself calm down when he finished his words. Suddenly, I pedo sex little girl remembered what powerpuff pedo had transpired before. I sat love pedo pics up and then frantically searched the room, and then I saw something that I was not prepared for.It was my deceased friend. After seeing that, I was not surprised when darkness enveloped me again.~~~~~"Mmmm... that feels good." I moaned as a felt a warmth that spread though and relaxed my whole body. It felt like, well, heaven."Ok, good, you're pedo sex bilder still alive." It pedo child russia was illegal ukrainian child pedo him. So I wasn't dreaming. God how I've free sex video pedofilia missed that voice. That voiced belonged, no, belongs to my supposedly dead friend, Derrick. A few free young pedo pictures days after my graduation from college, I had received terrible sex teens porn pedofile news. My little pedo girl fucking friend Derrick was killed in an accident. His car had veered off the Pacific Coast Highway. I felt that I had died too, when I heard this. But now, I was hearing thai boys gay pedo his voice again, and I knew that it was him. I felt tears running down my face as I opened my eyes for the second time and saw his face. It was as beautiful as I had last seen it."Come on now, don't cry. I'm here now." God that voice was beautiful."Why are rompl pedosex you here? You're supposed to be dead! I'm supposed to be dead! Why am I still alive?""Shh... I'll explain it all to you tomorrow. I want pedo illegal movie you hardcore pedo pic sex to rest tonight. You will have answers tomorrow. Ok?" He looked at me fotos 69 teens pedofilia with those emerald eyes. Although I did not feel tired, I knew that when I looked into those eyes, I could not sex pedo baby refuse. I laid back down and was surprised when sleep claimed me.~~~~~I woke the next day felling very much alive. I was still confused about as to why all this was happening, but I forced myself to stay calm and be rational about this. I guess the four years alone on the island taught me to be patient, as I suddenly felt myself forget the questions I had. The room was, well, pedoworldpreview a room. It had only one window. Wait. This room looked really familiar. I looked out the window and I saw the familiar surroundings. Refusing to believe it, I burst out of my room and was astonished to find myself that I was in the temple that I had made my home for those years. The only cp anal sex pedo difference, I saw, was that this temple was not in ruins. The asian pedo files temple was magnificently built. It had a feeling of reverence that I had not felt since I first stepped into the ruined temple four years ago. Before, the only room intact was the room I just came out of. This temple was beautiful. I had no words for it. I remembered the place where I had found the book, so I went to find it, thinking pedo photo pics that maybe if the book was pedo little girl gallery still here, I might pedo porno free video not be dead. Outside the supposed room where pedo kids photo I had found it, was standing two figures. They were cloaked in black. Images hentai porno pedo of the last figure flashed through my mind. The terrible voice filled my mind. I turned pale white and ran as fast pedo kinder porno as I could away from those figures. I found myself back in my room. On my bed, Derrick sat with a sad smile on his face. I was suddenly calmed as I entered his presence."I'm sorry you had to encounter the Dark teen sex pedo Robes. I had to put them there to prevent you from free pedo video accessing the Book Of Prophesies.""Book of what? Aren't those *things* evil? You know, one of those things *did* kill me. Or so I think."He patted the spot next to him, indicating me to sit. As I sat down youngest pedo sex pics to him I forum amateur girls pedo noticed something that I had not before. He was wearing a cloak also, but it was of pure red. He smiled at me as I noticed myself looking at his lips. Oops."Hehehe... well I guess you never got over that crush on me, huh?"What the hell? Did he know? How did he know? That's impossible! I never gave any indication before that I did or had!"Shut up. Don't toy with me. You promised me answers last night. Now I want some damn answers.""Tsk, tsk, I thought that you became patient after all those years alone?" Ok, this was getting weird. How did he know I was alone?"You knew I was alone for all those years? And you DIDN'T do ANYTHING about it?! I though you were lil pedo porn free supposed to be my friend?!" This was crazy. I was shouting at someone dead. All asia pedo my logic disappeared as I jumped form my seat and faced him."YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE DEAD! What kind of amater pedo sick trick is this!? WHO THE HELL ARE YOU!?" Ballistic. I finally went ballistic. How dare this person imitate someone I had loved so dearly."You sick fuck. You're gonna die for imitating the dead and playing with me!" With that said took a step and punched the so called Derrick.Pain.I had aimed for the face, but was met with a blinding pain as I felt my fist hit something solid. What did I hit? I looked at my fist and noticed that my hand was but a few pedo sex boys inched from his face, but something was sexy kids pedo fuck keeping me from hitting it. What the fuck?"What the fuck is this?" Really losing it. Repeating what I'm saying."Magic." He said simply with a smile on his face. What an ass."Ohhh. Magic really now! I SO believe that! So your saying that you have a "barrier" that's protecting you from best nudists pedo me? Oh! Then I should be able to make fireballs and ice right? Ha!""Then look at your hands." And so I did.My right hand was glowing blue and my left and was glowing. littlest angels russian pedo What the hell?"Ohh! I'm glowing! Oh! So I can kidz pedo nude pics do THIS?" I cherry thumbs fuck pedo put my hands together and just for the hell of it, thought in my mind that he legs were encased in ice and his cloak on fire. I was shocked as words that I had only heard once before came out of MY mouth. Suddenly, my hands started doing weird motions. The glow of my hands were crazy pedo sex leaving weird trails of red and blue light that lingered in the air. Out of where, when my hands stopped, and quickly, palm pointed up, towards the person sitting on the bed. A flash of bright light blinded me for a second, and when free pedo top list my pupils recovered, I was awestruck as I say the person's forum pedo gallery feet encased in ice and his kids cream pie pedo cloak in crimson fire. illegal pedo porn pics I was shocked. Darkness engulfed me for third time.~~~~~Interesting. For your first spell, you didn't kill yourself. Good young boy pedo Job.What the hell? What pedofilia child and girls was that voice I was hearing?It's me, porn pedo illegal doofus, Derrick. So, still don't believe me?Why are you in my head?Ah, cuz well, after you preformed your little stunt, Your spell reflected off me after a few moments and... it rebounded onto you. Your body is still.. being.. mended at the moment. Do I want to know how bad it is?Nope. Ok. You can leave my head now. Still top pedo porn mad. Wake me when my body is mended.Ok.Then my mind went blank.~~~~~"You know, you like p2p pedo to pass out a lot." Ah. It was that damned voice yet again."Why don't you ever leave me alone? You left me years ago, but why do you have to come back?" I really did not want to say this, but something inside me felt that it would be better if I did."Well, you see my dear Michael, when you opened that book four years pedo babysex photo ago, you opened up little pedo cuties a can or worms.""What do you mean? Is that damn book the cause of this? And why wont you let me see dutch pedo forum it?" It had struck me sex amateur pedo weird that he was willing to scare me half to death with those Dark Robes. My body gave an involuntary shudder as naked pedo cp I remembered my encounter briefly."Well, if you really want to know. Open your eyes and sit up." And I did just that."Ok, what I'm about to do will probably drain me for a week or two, so I'm trusting you to take care of me while I'm out." He accompanied those words with a sly smile. Oh great."Wait, just what exactly are you going to do? More magic?" I said that apprehensively, but deep inside, I pedo guide really did want to see more."Yep. I'm going to bring you back in time.""Wait, wait, you can go back in time?""Yes I can, but we will be going back as `ghosts'. We only use time travel to learn from the past. Only one person has attempted to change the past and you have seen what it has done to Him." A dark shadow appeared oh his face as he mentioned `Him'."You mean the guy that...?""Yes, but we'll get into him later. Now come with me." And with a swish of his crimson robes, he swept out the door. I had to literally jump out young pedo boy gallery and run after him, as he was halfway down the hall pedofilia sex thumbs when I had gone out the door. Derrick led me pedo porn pussy to the center of the temple. I noticed that a circle, almost similar to the one I had drawn into the air was glowing on pedo pedo pedo galleries the floor, but with a golden aura. This should be interesting."Ok. Take this staff, and whatever you do, what ever you see, DO NOT let go of it. If you do you will shocking underground pedo porn be lost in time, and that is a card of fate that you do not want to be dealt." He handed me a staff that was white. It was just like a piece of wood that was taller than me and was white."Stand free pics pedo in the small circle with that insignia and plant the staff into the hole in front of it."As I did this, I noticed that the magic circle had completely changed. Instead of just glowing lines, the lines and circles had taken physical appearance. The lines were now made of a silvery looking dust with a golden tint to it. Now I was very intrigued."*sigh* Ok, remember, do not let go of the staff. Oh, and don't say anything until I say so."With that he stood into the small circle a few feet in from of me. Derrick's staff appeared out of nowhere in very little pedo his hands. He set the staff in the hole in form of him and it just stood there as he let go of it. His hands were glowing gold in a flash and his hands were doing complicated movements as his lips moved quickly and silently. When his hands stopped. After a few moments, it seems that nothing happened, but suddenly, my feet felt like they were being pulled down into sexy teens pedo sex the ground. The lines of dust of the magic circle were burning like a fuse from the circles around our feet and outwards, to the other intricate lines and symbols in the circle. When the dust was gone, purple lines replaced the dust and then floor within the circle turned pitch black. I now understood as why I was instructed to hold-on to my staff. It felt like I was falling, as the pull on my feet became stronger by the second. I longed to scream as a dark figure appeared between me and Derrick, but somehow, my mouth kept shut. Another figure appeared behind the dark one, but this time it was pure white. They started walking towards two globes of their opposing colors that had appeared without pedo phtc photos my knowledge."Michael! When they reach the globes, we will disappear through the portal below us! Remember do no--" His voice was suddenly cut off as a shriek of laugher pierced though the temple."HAHAHAHAHA! Do not think that this spell will save you!" The two figures reached the globes as the room was engulfed in pure darkness.
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